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We like pulling rabbits out of hats*

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Founded in 2005, just as Cape Town's creative, cultural and lifestyle scene exploded, Rabbit in a Hat has worked closely with exciting brands, ideas and companies ever since.  


Owner, Sascha Polkey, has always had a passion for change and a taste for complexity, leading us to do deep work in preparing our clients' stories for people-consumption. 

Our team of specialists lean into their specific elements as needed with each campaign, allowing us to bring fresh energy, talent and experience to all we create. 

We pride ourselves on being deeply committed to our clients storytelling and we work hard to get that story into the minds of the right market at the right time. It's a responsibility we take seriously but we never forget to have fun too! 

Talk to us

Got the feeling your communications needs some attention?


We'd be happy to buy you a coffee to talk about it.


Drop us a line on 021 300 0052 or email  

*No rabbits are harmed in the process 

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